Daniel 's Letter

To my future self,

I am writing to myself to make myself know that we tackled climate change head on and stopped it. In addition to this, right now, we need to act, future offspring could be born into a hopeless world filled with drought and flood. This is not what I want it to be like. I want them to live in the world I lived in, to spend happy days at the beach, adventuring up mountains and exploring the countryside.

I want you to know how I felt and to remind you how you helped. I am hoping that by the time you read this, we could have reversed the effects of climate change and created a brighter future for grandchildren and great grandchildren.

I know that if we, as a community, cooperate, we can make this world a better place. I hope that you, as my future self, brought the community together and hit climate change back. This is what I hope and I hope that it has been fulfilled.

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