Marjorie 's Letter

To my family and friends ,

My dear family and friends, I really hope that your future health is not damaged by what you are eating, drinking and breathing in today. Most people are not aware right now of how the damage we are doing to the earth and the universe is affecting their health, and the health of their unborn children that will follow them.

Many people in today's busy world (2022) have lost sight of the nutrients (or lack of) in what we eat, drink and breath and worse, not everyone cares! Yes we can only breath in (oxygen) as well as eat and drink nutrients that our bodies need to survive, but the air quality today is actually killing people and plants. Without plant life the human race will die or have to learn to live in poor health, creating a dependency on society and their families and limiting enjoying the life they have. We all want to live a long and healthy life don't we?

Society is also preventing us consume nutrients for our health by using pesticides and destroying the wildlife that pollinates and protects plants. Added to this destruction, the support of GMO crops (internationally) means that we cannot be sure that we are getting many nutrients into our bodies to stay healthy, because most of our food is now mass farmed on poor soil. Even worse, more cheap, ultra processed food is available now with very little nutrients and lots of chemicals in them to make them last longer on the shelf.

Many animals farmed for meat may never see the light of day and are fed chemical combinations in small cramped spaces to fatten them up quickly for profit. I sincerely hope that this is improved for you in the future and that healthy, organic food will be made more freely (and cheaply) available to everyone. I also hope governments around the world realise how much this is costing them?

One way we can all contribute to this improvement is to promote and use green spaces, exercise outside more, grow your own food (we can all grow sprouts even if we don't have a garden), or buy it local to cut down on air pollution, and avoid GMO produced food. Remember if you eat meat or fish they are also going to be polluted with these poisons unless you buy grass fed meat or wild fish (but the ground, rivers and seas are so polluted right now that even this is doubtful). My one hope for you all is that you start to take notice and think about what is going on around you and how it is affecting your health and the health of your family before it is too late. Live well my dear family and friends, avoid chemicals in your food and air, and stay healthy.

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