Ann Hunt's Letter

To the youth of tomorrow,

Dear Young People,
It is 2022 and the World is being destroyed by man's abusive use of it's natural resources minute by minute. We hear of and read warnings every day and stand at a crucial crossroads where every human and every government need to recognise the danger we are currently in and the disaster that yourselves, our future generations will be facing if urgent action is not taken to protect our planet.
This wonderful place we live on provides us with everything. Sun and water to grow our food plentifully. Enough of these two vital resources exist already here on earth and were they to be protected and shared out there would be enough food and to spare for the millions on this earth who at present are starving due to climate change causing droughts and famine.
Man is greedy and big companies are more concerned about their profits and not their human responsibilities. As you read of these times you will look back in horror at how mankind knowlingly abused the plentiful resources this plant had to offer in our day.
As a mother, grandmother and great grandmother I plead with all those who have the power to make the necessary drastic changes that are essential right now, today, so that you my dear young people may have a life that is lived deliberately protecting the planet and that you may not have to witness the malnourished and starving masses who come second to man's inhumanity and companies sickening greed.
Everyone can play their part. For each individual who has the benefits of clean water, gas or electric power, it is so easy to cut down on personal consumption and use a little less of that which we have become accustomed to wasting. As for world leaders they owe it, with the power and up to date information they have to act now to stop the destruction and pollution of this great planet which will hopefully protect millions from flooding and droughts, famine and disease caused by drinking the only water available. polluted water.
What an appaling legacy to leave behind for future generations. Governments who do nothing or very little are guilty of causing mass human suffering and mass premature deaths.
I call on all mankind to wake up, grow up, do the right thing and act now, there is no time to waste. We shall soon reach the place of no return. Everyone needs to ask themselves, what will my grandchildren say about us, at this time, if they live in a time when the whole earth has been destroyed to such an extent that they cannot live healthy and full lives but have to fight over the scant resources that we have left them with.
To the youth of the future I apologise for my part for absently mindedly abusing earth's resources. I know better now and will do all I can to lessen my energy use, to protect wildlife, to feed the birds, the badgers, the deer, the hares, the pheasants who come to my garden daily. May all these beautiful creatures be a part of your life also. May you have the blessing of bird song each day, clean water to use, energy from renewable resources which is shared for the good of all.
I thank and have admiration for all the many young people worldwide who fight to Save our Planet. Keep up the pressure, the good work you are doing. Have courage and fight for your rights and the rights of your future families. May your numbers and power grow to such an extent that government and powerful organisations have to take notice and act.
There is not future worth looking at unless this is done.

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