Sam Wheeler 's Letter

To the future generation ,

It is time to change our ways. It is time to take thing seriously. It is time to take precautions into our own hands. I remember when I could go ride down my road on my bike but now all it is, is an ocean of litter and rubbish. I remember could breathe in fresh air now my throat is clocked with this horrible, disgusting, polluted black smoke that somehow you still call air. This is not the Earth that i remember this is not the Earth that I want the next generation to have to put up with. Even though this is not the planet we arrived on it is not too late it is never too late to change our ways. I believe that this can become Earth again. We need to stop trying to find ways to survive on another planet we need to focus on saving this one. This beautiful, majestic planet. This is the only planet in our Solar system that can support life so why are we wasting it. This is not our world, we can't just take it for granted. We are the cause of this we must fix it this world is not just a broken toy we can't just get a new one. We need to treasure it.

Yours sincerely,
Sam Wheeler.

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