Peter Riddell's Letter

To the Future, who ever you are and where ever you are,

Christmas 1968 three men circled the Moon. The Apollo 8 flight was part of America's effort to land a man on the surface of that life less world by the close of that decade.
One of the most memorable highlights from that trip was the astronauts reading from the Bible on Christmas, but another was the photograph that of the Earth rising behind the Moon. It was a stunning image and helped in firing up the environmental movement back on this planet.

I recount the story of Apollo 8 photograph now as it more important to reflect that this world we inhibit is under threat with an nightmare future ahead of it if nothing is done.

Projecting ones' thoughts forward hopes something will be done, and that fears are eased , if not removed that all living in 2030 and beyond have a chance to be at peace after all the pain created from effects of climate emergency that grips us in 2023.

Humans and nature are fragile. The need to find the strength to bond in saving the globe has never felt so urgent. As I write the Earth warms and seas rises creating so many to worry about what is happening. They confused by those who wish to deny the warnings of climate change. All want clear direction in working towards a sustainable future.

There is hope. We moving in the right direction by developing clear energy and acting to protecting wildlife threatened by our past actions. By 2030, we will be on course to reach the targets set to calm the Earth's fever. The will is there from governments, businesses and citizens. The science is urging us to do the right thing today for the sake of tomorrow.

I hope the message of green action made in 2023 travels well, and we now seeing beginning of a better future that can be built on by those who not yet born.

One can ask no more than that.

Peter E Riddell

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