Henry Wallace Molina's Letter

To past great grandparents ,

This morning my grandfather told me about a wonderful world with trees, high are basically large sticks with big bushy green things that are called leaves. He also told us that they were growing everywhere until people started to cut them down. These trees were full of animals including an amazing creature called the panda. The panda was found in most places in Asia. I only have one dream and that is to see a real life tree.

Every day I have to go to school with what gramps called them “high tech masks” to prevent us from catching deadly diseases by breathing the air due to the extremely high levels of air pollution. Some days it’s is do dangerous to the point where we can’t even leave the house. Yesterday we drove past the the what used to be ocean but what is now know as the swamp of plastic

Gramps told me that his parents kept talking about something called the tipping point, he kept saying that the government would ignore these signs from the planet and kept telling everyone that we would be fine. Our current situation is far from fine.

Dear great grandparents don’t ignore the signs that the planet sends. After the tipping point there is no way back.

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