Valerie's Letter

To my Grandson James,

Dear James
We have been hearing a lot recently about glaciers shortening, sea ice melting and everywhere getting warmer. Forest fires, droughts and my garden not able to produce what it could a few years ago. This was not such a problem when I was young although I did not like the cold winters, snow could be fun. It is not fun that so much is going wrong so fast. We all, people, animals and plants depend on a balance in nature and it is humans that have upset it. If the governments, who are the people with most power in the world, do not put a stop to clearing ancient forests, poluting our rivers and seas and draining wetlands immediately, our future is in peril.
You know I have recycled all my life; born in world war 2 and growing up in the post war era I still waste nothing. I am lucky to have a garden where I compost all that I can; I never need the local food waste collections but this does go toward making energy. I use old envelopes etc. I know this is on a tiny scale but if all the millions in the world did something similar it would make a huge difference and we would not be plundering natural resources at the present rate. In order to feed people we are poisoning insects, which goes up the food chain and still so many people are starving. It needs the goverments to take control then your future will be rosy.
Love Grandma x.

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