Andia Farrokhzadeh's Letter

To my beloved nieces, Ava and Maya,,

I am writing this letter in 2022, you will be your own person now when you read it, grown up at university or working with God's blessing.

My heart is pained to know that the world you inherit from us is one which is so much less than what God wants for you, the beauty, peace and wonder that he has given you. Already you have had to live through a pandemic which was caused by our disrespect of environmental boundaries and destruction that we have caused. We are just at the beginning of floods, wildfires heatwaves, droughts. Many of our beloved animals will be disappearing too. Life when you read this will have become much harder and more complicated.

You are both so amazing, so inventive, intelligent, confident, resilient that you know how to quickly adapt and take care. Hopefully you will have learned all needs for sustainable practices in your lives also and how important nature is in your life. I love you so much and am fighting to keep as much under protection for you as possible, fighting to protect our oceans, forests, wildlife, rivers, water, climate, but I know it may not be possible. So I wish you strength, and God's speed and care, that you will always have nature's beauty and health with you in some way, its peace to keep you safe.

Your loving aunt

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