Amanda Yoxall's Letter

To my grandson, Ethan ,

My Dearest Ethan,
First of all, I feel I must apologise for the mess you were born into. My generation came up with and invented most of the things, that we've since found out are catastrophic to the climate and world around you. All I can say is that we did it thinking that the world would be a better place for it; by no means destroy it!! The summer before you were born, your poor mum had to cope with 40 degree heat. The highest temperatures ever recorded. We've also experienced catastrophic ice melts, storms with winds like we've never experienced. By the time you read this, I truly truly hope that our leaders and people in general have taken this seriously and are making things right.
Goodness, I've just re-read this and it's downright miserable!! I don't want it to be because this is a beautiful world we have and I just want it to stay that way, for you to experience and explore!! Sending you all my love my darling boy. Ethan
Love Gran and Grandad

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