Tamasin's Letter

To my daughter Polly,

In 2030 you will be 19 and I really hope that you will be enjoying a chance to travel, to see creatures and places full of variety and meet extraordinary people. I also hope you will no longer be bombarded by advertising for things you don’t want or need. I hope there will be a thriving circular economy wherever you choose to live, no need for food banks, with community orchards and gardens feeding everyone who needs it. I also hope you will be able to shop free of plastic for clothes food and more and that proper steps towards rewilding and protect ting the natural environment are starting to clean rivers, the air and repair the soil. I hope that this will have given hope and confidence to your generation that you can turn the tide on the climate emergency however long it takes and that you won’t be facing anxiety and despair. Clean renewable energy, safer walking and cycling routes and access to community public spaces should avoid you needing a car and give you opportunities to get to know your local community. If none of this has happened I am truly sorry but please know I tried.
Love mum. X

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