Francesco's Letter

Dear my future self,

I sincerely hope this letter finds you well. However, I doubt this is the case.
I am writing to you because I fear what the future holds for me. The society I live in is in total decay. People are prioritizing profits over humanity’s wellbeing. I look around me and all I can see is greed. There is no empathy anymore. Humans have been infected by a dangerous capitalistic individualism which is destroying our beloved earth. I am trying to be optimistic as I can see some of us still care, but it is not an easy task. I am about to turn 26 years old, and I am starting to feel the ‘natural call’ of becoming a father. But it is difficult now to plan something like ‘building’ a family. I am not certain that I would ever create life in this world. I cannot. It would be an egotistical act. I always ask myself: “What kind of world would my children experience? Would they ever be able to see and experience the planet as I did?” Mother earth is tired. We have exploited her, and she cannot recover anymore if not with our help. My dear future self, I can only assure you of one thing: as long as I live, I will do anything in my power to save our planet and allow you to create life.

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