Grandma's Letter

To my four wonderful grandchildren,

Climate change will be the biggest problem your generation will face. It will affect you and the world as I have known it. It will affect all the children alive today.
My generation did not heed the warnings sufficiently at the time when they should have.
"Silent Spring" was a book published a long time which foretold what climate change would do, if we did nothing.
But there is hope, and your generation will make something happen.
I know you want world that still has wonderful creatures in it. A world which is fairer to everybody.
I know you can do it but you need the help of those currently in power all over the world. Let's start here with people of power and influence in this country: politicians of all colours; church and faith leaders of all kinds; media stars; sporting stars – they can help.
You are learning about it at school. Make sure you put it into practice!
With all my love, Grandma X

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