Graeme's Letter

To my Great Grandchildren Eve and Adam,

If you wonder whatever happened to Eden, it was me... and us... and all of us in the years before you. Sorry seems such a flimsy word compared to what you see around you in your day.

To be honest we never stopped driving up 'Growth' but it was the wrong kind of growth where nature's flourishing came second to personal wealth. I wonder what has trickled down to you?

Someone once turned water into wine to release joy but we turned oil into plastic and smothered life. I wonder what legacy we have left you?

I wonder what a Dodo sounded like? Extinction in my day began to creep up Darwin's Tree of Life with alarming speed. I wonder what you can only see on film now?

I sincerely hope that between my time and your time the Polar Bears survive, but I'm doubtful. Ive seen their plight on the TV.

Sorry, sorry but that's about all I can say. I want you to know that I tried.

Your loving Great Grandfather

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