Patricia Stratful's Letter

To my beautiful great granddaughter, Madison ,

You were one month old on Friday and I fear for your future. For generations we have all been poor stewards with the world’s precious resources. I would like to think that all governments will now take the opportunity to really get to grips with climate change. We have had so many warnings, red hot summer days here in the UK, floods in many other countries. High winds that cause so much damage along with more floods. Ice melting at both the North and South poles. So many animals dying needlessly. What will your life be like in 2030? You will turn 8 years old, will you be suffering from asthma or some other respiratory ailment? Will you feel ill because the weather is far too hot or far too wet or far too cold? Will you get to wonder at the sight of an elephant or a polar bear? Will you see wild flowers or eat strawberries that you have picked fresh from a strawberry field? I pray that life will be beautiful for you and for all your young friends and that you will be able to enjoy a good life in a world that’s doing it’s very best to right so many wrongs.

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