Peter Kilvert's Letter

To all the children in Urmston (where I live),

Your future is in grave danger. The world is getting hotter and we need to stop it now. It's called Climate Change, but I prefer to call it Climate Crisis. It will kill planet Earth and all the people on it. The Climate Crisis is caused by people burning coal, oil, gas, trees and vegetation that contain carbon. The burning process changes the carbon to carbon dioxide (and some of the nitrogen in the air changes to nitrogen dioxide). These are called Greenhouse Gases which cause the Earth's temperature to rise. The burning process also causes air pollution which contains poisons (like in cigarette smoke) and Particulate Matter (which are very tiny particles that we breathe in, and which can damage our vital organs, making us ill and even killing us). The change from carbon to carbon dioxide takes place in motor vehicles, electricity generation plants, incineration plants, factories, commercial premises and in our homes.
We are currently failing to stop the temperature rising. This is mainly because the Government is not taking the steps necessary to stop people burning carbon-based fuels. We have the technology to change to clean "renewable energy" such as solar, wind, hydro, tidal, waves and thermal energy, but the change is so slow. If we don't take real action soon, we may be too late to save the planet. This is why you have to raise your voice and protest against the burning of carbon-based fuels. You also have to reject all the fake news and ideas that the carbon-burners say and do to prolong their interests. This includes "carbon capture" which has not been proved to work.
When you are old enough please take action and raise your voice to save planet earth.

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