susie laan's Letter

To my granddaughter, Lizzie,

I cycled into Lyndhurst in the New Forest yesterday from here, Ashurst, and as the choking traffic filled the air very close to me, zooming past me every ten seconds, I had a vision. There were no cars! But some electric small vehicles travelling along a narrow lane, and the rest of the road were cyclist. Many were on e-bikes, and many had children being pulled along in carts or in the front using cargoes to carry goods or children, with so many different types of bicycles going both ways quietly and safely. Could this be your world now when I've gone? I hope so.

There will be bakeries in every village and veggies shops everywhere, allotments will be normal too if gardens are not big enough to grow veggies in. Formal gardens will not exist. Wild flowers will attract pollinators on all the verges and village greens, and gardens.
Elephants will thrive, as poaching will have stopped in time. The Chinese will no longer want shark fins, or pangolins as they stop using them for their medicines. Fish trawling will have stopped. Mangroves will grow again all over the world.
Farms will be manged very differently, no more dairies, no more factory farms. Soils will come back to life. Keeping animals will be left on wild land or as animals used for rotation with crops. There will not be abattoirs, no pigs will suffer the pain of being gassed. No cows will have their calves taken from them. Sheep farming will be in high hills and under trees. Trees will grow back.
This will be your world. If only I could be there to see a world like this.

I will not leave you without trying to do everything I can so this can happen, even it is way more than my comfort level, to make a difference and cling onto hope that just maybe something will happen and everything will turn out better.
from granny Susu

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