Ann's Letter

To my younger relatives, Scott, Ben and Caitlin,

By the year 2030 you three people will be aged about 30. When I was that age I had loads of good things to look forward to, so I wish the same for you. I didn't know about climate change but the scientists did and everyone else should have listened.

It's not too late if we act now, lead by the Communities and Governments of the world. We need to show that we treasure the earth and all the people and life on that earth. We need to press ahead urgently with environmental projects and leave the fossil fuels in the ground.

I hope that all people will co-operate to do this, otherwise your future will be blighted by storm, fire and famine. I don't want that for you.

I'm sure that you three will do your best to deal with the climate crisis by your own actions.
I pray that everyone else does too.

Then you can look forward to good things.

love from Aunty Ann

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