Jan Marshall's Letter

To my precious granddaughter Rosa,

In the year 2030, you will be just ten years old. I want your future to be bright and full of all the promise that you deserve.
At two years old you are full of curiosity about the natural world. You love the wildlife that visits your garden; helping mummy and me with digging and watering the plants; sitting on the back of mummy's bike to visit the wetlands and look for kingfishers; making wormeries with me in the hope we might just find Superworm amongst the worms we collect from my compost heap.
I have tried in my own very small way to help reduce the prospect of climate chaos which, if it isn't stopped, will affect you far more than me. You know I have an electric car and solar panels; that we can go to RHS gardens to enjoy ourselves; and mummy, daddy, and everyone else in our family recycle everything we can, avoid plastic if possible; and try our hardest to help the world survive.
Sadly Rosa, there are people who hold the fate of the world, and the quality of your future existence, in far more powerful hands than mine. While we teach you to be kind and think of others, many of these people only think of themselves and the profits they can make - even though they already have so much themselves. When I hear what they are doing to our planet and the beautiful diversity of life that lives on it my heart breaks with sadness and I feel totally powerless. I never, ever, want to let you down, Rosa, but there are people who have far greater means and power than me who have the ability to make your future awesome or awful. I pray with every bone in my boy they take their responsibilities extremely seriously and make the right choice based on integrity, honesty and scientifically informed knowledge.
I love you, and always will,

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