Helen Harvey's Letter

The Future,

The Big Green Week
Wrekin Soroptimists had a stall at the Festival of Imagination Ironbridge to encourage people to reuse repair and recycle in innovative ways, and to think about the world we want for the future by writing :
Letters to the future – wishes and hopes.
Here are transcripts of the letters

“I would like to see a world where nature thrives, and people respect the environment and all living things in the world. I wish this for my grandchildren”

This little girl wanted “dog cat & puppy citun”

“I wish that every home will have renewable energy so we won’t be afraid to use electricity and gas”

“To somebody I don’t know – Hope you are having a wonderful day”

“Get rid of plastics on my toys and gifts” Lille age 5

“To my future self. Change people’s thoughts about climate change, make them care, help make a difference to wildlife, get people to recycle” Alex age 8

“To my future self. I hope to live to see the River Severn flow free from sewerage and fertilisers, allowing the wildlife in and out of the water thrive once again.
I call upon Severn Trent and farmers to take responsibility. Stop sewage overflow and run off from fields.
I ask the environment Agency to be more effective – Mother Earth deserves better justice”

“To someone I don’t know I hope you can see what a wonderful person I am”

“My hope for the future- Is that the majestic Beech trees in the Dale Coppice & the Oaks in Lloyd Coppice get a reprieve from their death sentence and are still standing tall, long after my life has ended”

“To my future self, I hope that the powers that be will get together and really plan thoroughly to ensure that all climate measures work alongside each other.
We cannot waste time rectifying mistakes caused by lack of ability to take in the wider picture”

“The earth would survive better without humans”

“My wish for the future – A kinder world- Living in harmony with the natural world – equality and fairness for all - People, Planet, before Profit”

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