Ley Holloway's Letter

To my Grandson Theo,

I'm still holding out hope for governments to act to slow, and eventually halt, climate change. There are a lot of things that can be done but it seems our current government in the UK are burying their heads in the sand and focussing only on money.
Insulating old houses, offering proper help to install green energy options and encouraging investment in green energy infrastructure are all things that could be done right now.
The summer just past has shown us a glimpse of the future for you and others your age, increasing heat, causing fires to break out in both rural and urban areas, floods and increased hurricanes, causing terrible damage and suffering in so many countries, habitat loss for many, many species as ice caps melt, sea levels rise and the climate heats up and dries rivers in other parts of the world.
The human race seems determined to cause it's own destruction and I am terrified that my hope is in vain, while those who claim to be acting in our interest are so focussed on their own wealth and that of their friends rather than the saving of our planet.
Wishing you a better future than seems likely now.
All my love.
Grandma Holloway

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