Ann Woolley's Letter

Elinor, my granddaughter,

I am writing this on a spring day when I can see some blue sky and birds – collared doves, blackbirds, starlings, blue tits and a robin. Unfortunately our birdlife and nature generally has declined dramatically over the years as the growing human population has meant more housing, buildings and roads and less connected green spaces. We have become a throw away society too, so pollution and waste has become a huge problem. I hope you will learn to value every item you own and make it last as long as possible without demanding a new toy, game or electronic device just because they are the “latest thing”. You already enjoy being outside and I hope you will treasure every living creature from hedgehogs and foxes down to tiny ants, bees, butterflies and other insects – even slugs and snails (the hedgehogs will take care of them). They are all important to our survival.

Our world is getting warmer and although many people are doing their best to be more eco-conscious, we need politicians across the world to take action to stop using fossil fuels and invest in green energy. We need cheaper public transport to encourage people to use it rather than jumping in their cars. Or a plastic tax to reduce or eliminate the use of plastic and investment in new environmentally friendly materials to replace plastic.

I hope that when you grow up the politicians will have listened and will have taken action but I have my doubts I hope you will then take up the challenge to push for a greener, cleaner world and the survival of our species and life on earth.
Your grandma

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