Anne Porteous's Letter

To Charlie, William, Oliver, Katie, Louie, Isaac, Archie and Noah,

I’m your grandma and I love you dearly. I want you to be able to enjoy this beautiful planet we call Earth after I am gone. Please don’t take for granted, the song of the robin or the blackbird in your garden. Watching the snails, hedgehogs, all birds and their antics in the bird bath. The feel of the grass under your bare feet, or the sand at the beach. Watching the butterflies, flit from flower to flower. Listening to the sound of the trees on a windy day. Feeling the fresh rain on your face. Appreciating the shade of the trees on a sunny day. Save seeds from flowers and plants so we don’t lose them forever. Feel gratitude for the air we breathe every day and the fresh water that we can drink. Stop using plastic and use natural products instead. Don’t take anything for granted for one day it might not be there to enjoy. Preserve and nurture all living creatures, flaura and fauna. Love our planet and all that is therein as much as I love you! Xxx

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