Kenneth 's Letter

To all children ,

today we hold the key to the future of planet Earth.
We have not yet taken the problem of climate change seriously and continue to emit the warming gases at an increasing rate, whilst destroying the planets natural defences in the ever present search for commodities and wealth.
If we continue on the present path (even assuming that the COP26 promises are kept ) then it is predicted that the average global temperature rise will be at least 2.8 C above pre-industrial levels by the end of this century ( UN COP27 ).
This will result in huge global disruption, mainly in the form of human ( and animal ) migration on a scale never before seen, as local climates change and food supplies are disrupted.
But it won't stop there .
It is more than likely that the Earth's systems will be so disrupted by then that we can only speculate just how bleak the outlook might be.
There is only one viable way that the situation can be mitigated ( and forget about carbon capture or other technological remedies, including sending people to Mars ! )
If the worlds governments , corporations , banks and people as a whole are prepared to put the future of the planet first by making commitments NOW at COP27, then there remains a fast diminishing chance that that much of what we love on this planet , may be saved.

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