Croft Marsh and District WI's Letter

To Our Children, Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren,

I would like everyone to make sure that litter is appropriately dealt with, so much ends up in our rivers and seas. It causes huge problems for sea life and humans. It would be nice to think that in ten years time this world is a better place for all man and animal kind.

My hopes for the country are that we shall be able to enjoy the countryside, that bees will not have to suffer at the hands of multi conglomerates and their pesticides thus securing food for all countries and their populations. In the same vein, that water companies will take ownership of the sewage and progress clean water for all, to drink, swim in and enjoy.

I hope that farmers will be supported to replant hedgerows and find alternative ways to treat crops and so reduce pollution in rivers. I hope this will mean an increase in wildlife.

In ten years time, I hope the rivers will be clean enough for healthy fish and energetic swimmers! If hedgerows are maintained and pollution reduced, then bird numbers will be increased and my granddaughters will be able to see many more species in their garden.

I would like to see a world without "flushable" wipes and disposable nappies. Go back to the old days of terry nappies and wash with a flannel. More rewilding in towns and villages.

I think that we shall stay like we are now if we keep doing as we are now. I believe that the hedgerows are much better this year than previous years.

I care about what the world will be like for future generations.
We need to plant more trees
Flowers for bees
Repair our clothes
Not buy more of those
Do what you can
We all need to plan
Or there won't be a tomorrow.....

Having 3 great grandchildren and 4 grandchildren, my hope for the future for them will be better than what it is now if we all make the necessary effort to go green. I feel it's the bigger countries that need to make a bigger contribution than England as we are such a small blot on our world!!

I care about the countryside, but also sustainable farming. I am so pleased to see that the roadsides are not being completely cut down, and we need to encourage farmers to go back to hedgerows and sustainable farming, but be aware that they still have to make a living. All of us can help by growing wild flowers in our gardens, looking after our water supplies and plant trees where ever we can.

Another "Keep Britain Tidy" campaign to be set up. Litter in public places. More pro-active in cleaning up after animals! Heavier fines for dumping rubbish in country lanes. Beaches being kept clean and rubbish on beaches being taken away. Children being taught how to be kind.

A woodland management programme to halt the decline of woodland birds much as the Environment Act 2021 is for the protection of farmland birds. Woodland needs managing to protect from deer etc, 59% of species have declined since 2015-2020. Increased funding of National Wildlife Crime Unit to allow prosecution of hare coursing and poaching of hen harriers and golden eagles. Overall a respect for the countryside and wildlife.

It is quite sometime now since we heard the screeches of swallows and swifts in our skies in the summer. It would be wonderful if these acrobatic birds could be seen again. It may be a lack of insects for food, perhaps due to air pollution.

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