Denise 's Letter

To my daughters, ,

Nowadays, when I look at a small child, instead of feeling happy, my heart fills with dread.
I envisage their probable future. Drought, flooding, famine, disease, war …
One only has to read the IPCC report.
You have both studied it,
As you, my wonderful children have told me, seeking to reassure, the climate crisis is still fixable,
Insulation, keep oil in the soil, rapid adoption of green energy…
About 3% of world GDP - approx the same as money spent on defence…. Realistically fixable.
But too many world leaders are in total denial
And as you told me, my darlings, there is a real risk,
That we will reach 5 degrees or more this century,
The end of civilisation, as we know it, and of course, much of our current ecosystem,

There is still hope,
But only if our political leaders act NOW, in 2022.

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