Emily's Letter

To my bffl livie,

Letters to tomorrow
High cross Primary School
High cross Drive
NP10 9AB

27th June 2023
Dear ‘Letters to tomorrow’
I'm Emily,I'm 9 years old and I'm from highcross primary school in newport.I am the next generation.I demand you take action for the sake of earth.To stop the climate crisis.

Firstly Trees are important
Trees provide us with oxygen which cleans the air and lets us breathe They produce animal habitats to live in And soak up rainwater to prevent floods.

Secondly Plastic Damage
Did you know that burning plastic releases toxins into the air If you don't recycle plastic it can get swept into the world's environment.Did you know that 32% of plastic ends up in the world.

Thirdly Habitat loss
By cutting down trees and forests,you're cutting down animals' homes.
We cut down at least 15 Billion trees each year.
More than 50% of wetlands in the U.S have been destroyed in the last 200 years

I hope you take this into consideration. Please do not litter and recycle it.Thank you!

Yours sincerely Emily Groves

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