Maria's Letter

To my grand daughters. Zoe Lydya And Sophia,

I am writing this letter to my grand daughters. Zoe Lydia and Sophia And all the young people of the world. Whose future we have to protect Our planet us changing. Becouse what is happening know. We have destroyed our rain forest nearly. I see us being polluted. By people who think it is OK to throw Rubbish in it. Like plastics. That are destroying the refs. And the Fish and other Animals who live there. Our earth is being destroyed. With things like tracking. It is not the right thing to do The earth want stand much. Earthquakes are coming more frequent. Furs in every country seas rushing. Animals are suffering. When we destroy there habitat. No were to liv.e we are killing ansls Brutely. So much crealty in the world. The world gas a darkness oblver it at the moment we need to stand up and do something. We need to fight for our beautiful world Our Birds and animals tgat make us happy We need to protect them Do stand up fur our planet Do the right thing fur your children and there chikdren Generations to come Our Ord us watching us Turn to him In your darkest days stand together to save our Beautiful planet. No more evil. Murders ect. Do it for all our sakes. Take note of what we see on tv wars rctv There is no need for wars. God made us to care and love each other love is the power we all hold so show it fir our planet our future And our children's ect.ifcwe start know as some places it has. We shall be able to save all of us on these planet including Animals.
All the best to the great people who are at these moment doing things to help our planet. Green peace. And many more May God be with you all. We must say yes to help stop climate change make it a better and safer world No more building of NEACALURE PLACES. No more tracking And ifvosdible no more wars.

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