Irene Nowell's Letter

To my grandchildren, Jamie, Emily and Katie,

I am so sorry that the world you are inheriting is in so much danger because of the profligate use of earth's resources. I am sorry that our generation has been part of causing climate change which is destroying habitats for the world's wonderful animals and insects and for the devastation this is causing for whole island nations. Grandad and I have endeavoured to live a frugal life to play a small part is saving our planet but we live in a so-called rich nation which has caused lots of this horror. I hope that people of the nations who care about the planet can cause the leaders of nations and multi-national businesses to listen and work towards lowering the planet's heating and stop using materials like single-use plastics which devastate our oceans and wild-life. I would be delighted if you could inherit a caring world and play your part in improving the outlook for our world.

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