Heather Allen's Letter

To our Grandchildren, Jessica, Connor, Ted and Mila,

Dear Grandchildren,

Grandma and Poppa want you to have an amazing future where there will be wildflower meadows around every field and verges and where there will be woodland and forests for you to walk in freely where you will be able see wild animals and beautiful butterflies and insects and bees.

We want you to be able to live in warm homes powered by renewable energy and to be able to live without the worry of financial hardship.

We want you to be able to eat organic foods without the use of harmful pesticides and that all farming uses cruelty free methods of animal production with excellent animal welfare.

We want the rivers, streams and the sea to be pollution free without raw sewage and farm slurry being pumped into it.

We want you to live in a society that values the environment and puts an end to single use plastic and marine pollution and makes the manufacturers responsible for recycling the products they produce.

Finally, we want you to live in a fair society where you can receive the best healthcare and your children have the best free and fair education.

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