Caroline Larner's Letter

Future Generations,

I hope for a world where wildlife, nature and biodiversity are put at the forefront of decisions over profit and greed.

I envision a world where natural habitat is created and expanded; where buildings are built on brownfield sites, not green spaces; and where hedgerows and meadows are restored.

I long for a world where animals are beloved and protected and where there are laws that stop anyone destroying natural habitat, even if it's the smallest space.

I trust that we will learn from our mistakes and restore biodiversity by creating spaces where wildlife and nature can thrive.

I wish for a better world where humans, wildlife and nature live in harmony and are at peace with one another.

I know that future generations will be much more aware, take more care of our wildlife and will not repeat the devastating mistakes that we have made. For all those future generations hear my plea and please make this happen and make my hopes and dreams come true.

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