Virginia 's Letter

To my sons , Matthew and Thomas ,

We need to encourage the farming community and government to improve hedgerows. As we drive along I can see that existing hedgerows are full of dead trees or sick ones. As the climate changes traditional native trees are struggling to cope and many are now subject to disease. Modern farming methods of using tractors with cutters to shape hedges prevent new trees from growing. There are few young trees embedded in hedgerows to replace the ones that are hundreds of years old and coming to the end of their life. Unless methods change and farmers are encouraged to allow hedgerow saplings grow to maturity then the British countryside will have a very different appearance for future generations and will have a devastating effect on native wildlife.
The planting of new woodlands helps climate change but replenishing trees in hedgerows is vitally important. Incentives to encourage this are required from government.
I hope this happens and future generations will still see the traditional British hedgerows in good condition.


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