Diana Cox's Letter

Fellow Animals,

I hope that we will stop exploiting you.
Whether for food, clothing, entertainment or sport, we have killed and abused you throughout our history. We kill two billion of you a month for our food. We keep hundreds of millions of you in industrial factory farms so you can never see the light of day. Some of you can't move because you get fatter that way. Meanwhile, the effluent is polluting our rivers and killing the fish. In order to feed you so we can eat you, we destroy habitats and burn vast areas of forest to grow soy. We trawl the oceans with huge nets and lines that cover 100 kilometres trapping everything they find so we can eat you or feed you to the animals we eat. Your suffering is unconscionable and unnecessary.
Trophy hunters kill tens of thousands of you a year so many of you are becoming extinct. Millions of you are shot from the air and all for sport.
Our selfishness as a species has destroyed the beautiful planet we share and rendered it uninhabitable for all of us.
I hope you can forgive us.
With great love to you all,
Diana Cox

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