Diana 's Letter

To my dear great, great grandchildren ,

Thank you for telling me about your Nourishment class today. I am so glad you enjoy this subject because your grandparents (my grandchildren) fought hard to include it in the school syllabus. Your grandparents started learning about the environment at school, during the terrible Climate Crisis of the 2020s. There was another crisis going on in the UK- a health crisis because people ate far too much of the wrong sort of food and didn’t get enough exercise.

Now look at you. Every primary school has an allotment and children get fresh air and exercise every day. I’m sure you enjoy vegetables more when you grow them yourself. It certainly makes you not want to waste them. Thank you for making me your Leftover Pie at the weekend- who would have thought those ingredients go together? So much more imaginative than cupcakes- although I like an occasional one of those too.

It’s great that you are going to visit a farm with school. They are such wonderful places to see wildlife of all sorts. A lot has changed since the 2020s. We rather took farmers for granted then and just demanded lots of cheap food whenever we wanted it. Lots of people ate meat every day of the week, and there was uproar when the supermarkets ran out of tomatoes in February!

Carry on learning and caring. You really can make a difference by standing up for what you believe is right.

Love from Granny Diana (a very, very old lady now)

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