Peter's Letter

My son, Daniel,

Wow! Ten years old! I remember take you as a one year old on frost bitten bike rides up to Ashton Court to see the deer. We camped through the summer and spent whole days on the beach, although even then we had to plaster you in suncream to make sure you didn't burn. How things change.. Too hot now to leave the safety of the home when temperatures are hitting 40 degrees most days in the summer. The travel bans are cutting emissions, but all a case of too little, too late. Many are starving around the world - sadly something we saw when you were a baby - although climate related extreme weather events used to be one a week rather than one a day. When I was your age we loved swimming in Ullswater, Rydal and other Lake District beauty spots. No chance now with the toxic algea blooms. Perhaps you might be able to attempt Striding Edge up Helvellyn in December - if you do, make sure you take plenty of water. Funny to think that only ten years ago you would have needed an ice axe! Take care, and remember, there is still so much beauty to be found in this world.

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