Christina Theophilus's Letter

To my daughter Daisy,

My darling precious child Daisy
I cannot tell you how scared sad and heartbroken I am that we have left you with a world where love and compassion have been over ruled by fear and greed
We did not look after the earth for you, even though the scientists told us we were destroying it, instead we focused on ourselves and what we needed to sustain our ridiculous luxurious life styles
So stupid and selfish and insane
I pray with all my heart that things could be different
that a leader could emerge to bring everyone to their senses.
That we start to pull together to create a new fairer world where the natural world and every level of this miraculous ecosystem is valued above all else
A world where we realise that we are part of nature and that by destroying it we are destroying ourselves
I pray all this because I love you and do not want you or any people or living creatures to suffer the consequences of catastrophic climate change and loss of the natural world
I love you

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