Tim Claye's Letter

To my Grand Daughters, Nancy, Nell and Beatrice Rashleigh-Claye,

Dear Grand Daughters, for indeed dear you are,
When I lived in rural Portugal breathing the fresh country air I felt concern for you breathing London air in Hackney. Since then a young girl has died in South London from breathing polluted air.
Well you are growing up into fine young women and we mustn’t fall into The Slough of Despond (Pilgrim’s Progress), Prince William’s Earthshot programme an example, but there is much to be done, plastic packaging rubbish for example which we very kindly send overseas (Eh, whaaaat? Exactly!) The Government should tax it, hard, then we would use less, a start.
I’ve been so lucky to grow up in a less polluted world where creatures now rare were much commoner. I really hope that it won’t be as bad as we fear, that ‘nature’ will recover AS IT CAN. That is why I volunteer outside as much as I am able to (today I was at something called the Sherbourne Valley Project to bring back Coventry’s river to life). I do enjoy it. A lot.
A Robin, a smile,
Fingers crossed and much, much love,
Grand Dad

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