Aisha's Letter

To my future self,

Did those in power step up and help save the environment? Have the UK stopped investing in fossil fuels? I hope that one day, our future will look more promising. That I will be able to look online and no longer see news articles highlighting the rapid decline of our world. That I will be able to see species who were once critically endangered now thrive in their natural habitats. That all those people who were once scared to speak up about the detrimental impacts of climate change are now at the forefront of climate activism. I want those still in denial to realise that climate action can no longer wait. We as a society must combat climate change and prevent its damaging effects before its too late. I believe that as the species who caused this disaster, it is our moral duty to ensure that those who are most vulnerable/ susceptible to the aftermath of climate change are educated and aided in tackling this problem (i.e HICs are doing more to help countries in need like Pakistan who, at the moment, are experiencing devastating floods. After all Pakistan only accounts for around 1% of the worlds carbon emissions, the main culprits are HICs like the US who are responsible for more than 30% of carbon emissions) Despite countries like Pakistan accounting for so little of the carbon emissions, it is them who are experiencing the worst effects.
I strive to see a world free of the disparities and inequalities caused from climate change.

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