Kathryn's Letter

To my children,

I am writing in 2022 really hoping that in another ten, twenty, fifty or even more years you will still be able to enjoy our amazing, beautiful planet. I would like you to be able to appreciate the different seasons during the year, from cold crisp winter days, through hopeful, gentle spring sunshine, long warm summer evenings and wet and windy autumn days with beautiful leaf colour. There are so many amazing sights, sounds and smells in the natural world and I want you to be able to enjoy and learn about these. I would love you still to be able to enjoy visiting wonderful places without these having been lost to sea levels rising. Most of all I hope that the world has realised we are all connected and that we need to care for and support the poorest in society who have been most affected by climate change already.

For all this to be possible I am hoping that everyone realises the need for urgent action now and that we cannot just wait and see or hope it will not be a problem after all. Most of all we need our world, national and local leaders to take decisive action and make important decisions for the benefit of all rather than just a few or for economic reasons.

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