Jcasta Fletcher's Letter

To my children Daniel and Kaya ,

Now that your all grown up yourselves and travelling and working and who knows maybe with families of your own I hope you are happy and the world around you is still full of beauty and promise.
Did they manage to reduce pollution and obesity through more active travel and reduction in car use ? - is it safe to cycle and walk and run in cities and wild places? or is the focus on cars being essential continuing to warp countrywide policy?
Can you swim in rivers ?or are they polluted with sewage - and the water companies are saying its still not their fault
Do the moors and meadows still bloom throughout the seasons with flowers and heather and insects and birdsong? or is there less and less of this and is our countryside blighted with invasive species , wild fires and fly tipping?
I hope you had opportunities to travel and seen tigers , elephants , whales ? or do these only exist in old TV documentaries and books ?
Did the senseless slaughter of 'big game' and whaling cease? or are the politicians saying we have to carry this on for economic reasons
Is there snow in winter- so you can ski and play and jump in drifts like when you were small? or are the winters to warm and glaciers receding or gone?
Are there still wonders under the ocean surface with beautiful coral reefs and multitudes of fish? or are they bleached and dead ?

You are the generation that can stop all the nonsense that mine failed to , you are the adults that must stand up and say no , enough is enough , you need to hold those in power to account or take these roles on your self . It not to late but it might be soon .

I love you both very much and hope the world is not as bad as I think it might be.


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