Chris Packham's Letter

To the future,

I hope there is someone there to read this , although I had some doubts about that because we are in a crisis and on the cusp of catastrophe , and if we didn’t do the right things soon , then these will be wasted words posted to an empty world.

We had potentially the worst collection of global leaders at the most critical time for our species . They were not capable of making a difference , they were not listening or they simply didn’t care about the future health of our Earth .

But as I write all is not lost . Because an increasing number of citizens , particularly the young people , are aware of the dangers of inactivity and are beginning to raise their voices and take actions to force the changes we need to make to make a difference . Some are very brave , risking their lives to make a last stand for life on Earth .

Whatever you might think of your ancestors I have to assure you that some of us not only cared , but we tried very hard to change the course of our future and your history .

At this critical juncture what we needed to understand is that we are one species , on one remarkable and special planet , with one massive problem and one last chance to sort it out .

I hope for your sake that we did that .
Chris Packham

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