Claire's Letter

To my future relatives ,

We were asked to write what we hope the future will look like, so I hope the memories of the last decade and beyond have been replaced with positive actions and you're sat reading this in a beautiful oasis, filled with life and colour and that you only hear about the time that earth was plunged into environmental disaster in your history books, as a stark reminder of what can happen when one species loses all care, compassion and sense.
If you even have governments and politicians now, hopefully they put nature first. But more importantly, I hope the human species, every day people like you and me, are living with as little impact to your environment as possible and treating nature and other species with the same care as you treat yourselves and your loved ones. Perhaps nature and other species are your loved ones and you co-exist on this beautiful planet in complete harmony.
Here, right now, we remain selfish, only concerned for ourselves, but our selfish choices are beginning to impact on us and affect our daily lives, which is why we may see change and bring about a better future.
I write this in hope for our earth, for all species that call it home and I write it in shame, for being part of the species that threatens to ruin it all.

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