Indy 's Letter

To those who tread in our footsteps ,

Hope is something which radiates through so much of our thinking. It’s often the only thing we can grasp on to. More often than not it’s the last thing for us
to grasp.
There is never a day when I don’t think about our world, what we have done to it. The beauty of the land, the wonder of the creatures which inhabit it, being
destroyed at a rate beyond scary.
I’m a tiny speck on the surface internally screaming at the inactions of Government and multinational corporations. I like millions of others want those with power to wake up, to change direction and outlook. To put the planet first before profits and greed. But when do the power hungry ever truly listen.
The city air we breathe, the rivers and seas we swim in are all polluted. How bad does it have to get before those in power act for the welfare of our world.
I’ll tell you when. When the neighbourhood outside their front door burns continuously. By then it will be too late.
I and so many others have done what we could. I have recycled, reused bought less, travelled less. Signed petitions, marched and shouted.
Volunteered at my local nature reserve. Making a difference on our doorstep is all we really have.
I wanted to offer you so much more. My biggest fear is that you won’t even have hope to grasp. Like-minded people will continue to shout for change, but it needs a collective movement the scale of which we have never witnessed before.
A continuous inability to grab the initiative and seize moments to restore the beauty of the natural world we have destroyed is our enduring legacy. A legacy of abject failure.

Go safely, Indy.

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