Jonathan Dale's Letter

To my Grandchildren, Yola, Zora, Bulak and Silke,

Dear Yola, Zora, Bulak and Silke
I love you all.
I have been striving hard to limit my carbon emissions in the knowledge that it is your future that is being endangered, endangered by the wilful blindness of so many so-called statesmen. (No car, no flying, an insulated home with air-source heat pump, a largely vegan diet) The scientific community has spoken loud and clear; the faith communities have kept in step with the science. But most politicians in the most powerful countries, like ours, have closed their ears and have not even taken the crucial step of banning further oil and gas exploration - instead they are subsidising it.

I will keep on doing everything I can to try to save this world from endless calamities for humankind and a terrible impoverishment of the whole natural realm. Can our leaders not to see the terrible risks they are taking for us all?

And can they not see that there can be sufficiency for all the world human and non human if only we learn to live within our planetary limits and we could experience the deeper joys of all the wonders in the world which cannot be bought and sold. There is still time to secure some of that; but very little. We should be on a different sort of war footing as this is a much bigger threat than any war that has ever involved us. And, if the politicians are scared, let them take the concern to the people in the form of a major Citizen's Assembly.

All my love and prayer and action is for you. I just wish it were more effective
Grampa xxx

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