Sara Emmett's Letter

Dear Daughter,

I am hopeful to see how things have turned out. When I am writing this now in 2023, the future is a bit bleak. Today I went to the beach and it was covered in litter washed up in a storm. Our climate is changing rapidly and it is having a huge effect on humans and uncountable other species. We know we are responsible for the speed and magnitude of this change and we are also the only solution if our world is to keep thriving- so it will bring me such joy to know now from you that our government and people did what needed to be done in time.

As I write, the technology needed to support change is progressing but not enough is being done to fund the changes, to create sustainable and affordable infrastructure or to encourage lifestyle changes. Instead, we consider economic growth more important than happiness or your own future. Social media favours lifestyles with more and the rich are made richer whilst those most vulnerable are suffering, not just here but across the globe where many communities are struggling to survive. What is more important than our lives and the intrinsic value of nature? Why are governments not prioritising the climate emergency?

I am in a role that allows me to work with communities to inspire and create change and I promise you I am doing all I can. If you are reading this, I know we have pulled together to reach our 2030 goals and that the future for us all is much brighter.

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