Isobel's Letter

To my family,

Letters to tomorrow
High Cross Primary School
High Cross Drive
NP10 9AB

27th June 2023

Dear ‘Letter to tomorrow’.

I am Isobel and I am 9 years old from High cross Primary school and I demand that you take action NOW! You must take action because the climate crisis is affecting our lives.

Trees are important because they stop flooding and give us oxygen. I think trees are exquisite because trees give us medicine, homes for habitats and shade. Stop cutting down trees and let them grow wild. Build houses on old concrete spaces instead of green fields. Plant trees wherever possible, plant them in spare green spaces, especially whenever you build new housing areas. Use trees for hedging instead of fencing. Give people money to buy trees, or offer to give them trees to plant them in their gardens. Have a forest instead of a garden.

Another thing that is bad for the environment is plastic because plastic ends up in our oceans, which means sea animals are getting tangled and dying. There is so much plastic in the oceans, it is dumped and left in rubbish piles when it will not rot down like other rubbish. The sea life are eating the plastic and so we are eating it too. Please stop supermarkets and factories and companies using plastic packaging. Make them pay for every bit of plastic they use. Force them to package food using different things - crisp packets, bottles, fruit boxes. Give money to companies that produce cardboard packaging to find new ways to package.

Stop fishing that kills all sea life and destroys the sea floor. Make areas no fishing areas so the sea life can recover.

Give schools money to do their own projects for the environment. So schools can get `ponds.

You are the only people who can act for us and make a difference to our future.

Yours sincerely

Isobel Riley

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