Peter 's Letter

Dear Tomorow,

I'm not sure how far into the future you are. Like most of us now, I'm not sure what our future as human beings will be. I'm an old man now, and by the time you read this, I shall probably not be here. But I trust that my grandhildren will be... Before I leave this earth, I need to do all that is possible within my power to work with those arguing for urgent addressing of the scourge of global warming and climate change. It's killing people now in the global south, and imminently spells a threat to our continuation as a planet on which the human race can live in some sort of harmony.

'What did you do in the climate crisis, Baba Pete?' my grandchildren may well ask as they face the consequences of our consumption and our inaction.

I'm really trying to do what little I can. Mags and I are doing away with any sort of fossil fuel in our home, and trying to do so with transport. We'll not fly again. We give regularly to charities that fight climate injustice, and support those made homeless, hungry and thirsty by it. We discuss the issue whenever we can with whoever we can. We keep writing to our MP. A large banner outside our house says 'There is no Planet B'. We're not trying to be complacent. Our next step ought to be becoming climate activists - do we have the courage?

We feel that as a society - as a world - we are sleepwalking towards catastrophe. Recent reports from the UN and the OPCC only reinforce this. The political and financial clout of 'big oil' seems invincible. If only goverments would give them fiscal/social/political incentives to change all their profits, energy and effort into renewables and 'green' jobs!

Well, Tomorow, when you come to read this you will know what has happened, what is happening. Our prayer is that - even at this twelfth hour - our global communities may have engaged with the issue together.

Tomorrow - I hope you're there!


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