Chris's Letter

To myself,

Desire is a strong emotion. It encourages us to imagine (and often inflate) the benefits while ignoring any inconvenient drawbacks. For example, when I decided a smart watch would be a useful possession I began to imagine all the wonderful things I'd be able to do with it and ways it would improve my life. I would look on websites and in shop displays coveting the watches I saw. I had no interest in thinking about downsides. Obtaining one wasn't life changing though and my relationship with my watch soon changed. It's just a watch like any other I've ever owned. Mostly used to tell the time.
That doesn't much matter but when large organisations and Governments make decisions it can be devasting. So many of our fresh water rivers are polluted now and so many other environmental challenges exist because of decisions that only focused on the wants and ignored the inconvenient environmental consequences.
I hope you manage to keep your desires in check and act wisely but for all our sakes I hope leaders of organisations and Government officials learn even more speedily.
Good luck!

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