Jessica Cale's Letter

To Liz Truss,

Dear Liz Truss,

There is nothing better to do then walk around my local area and enjoy the beautiful places, but there is a problem...there is an obscure amount of rubbish lying around, its terrible!
Everywhere you walk its all just litter which could have easily been picked up! This is not just affecting the beauty but also the climate! This has been happening for many years now and it isn't too difficult to solve. We need more bins and and a consequence for someone's actions therefore people will reduce the amount they litter. This has interrupted people's daily routine.
This needs to stop!!

It may also help if we could convince people to cycle more often instead of uses cars which use gas or even lower the price of electric cars which could help the climate!

Its never too late to change this.

Yours sincerely,
Jessica Cale

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