Lucy's Letter

My Future self,

I am writing to explain a global problem, Climate change. By your year 2030, It is proven that if we don’t make a change there will be no going back and climate change will be a forever problem. I can only hope we’ve made a change and you’re living in a healthy environment, with gorgeous seas and a beautiful world to live in. How would you feel if you lived in a world, that the world had never seen before? Who knows you may already be living in it.

Furthermore, I am doing every little change I can for you, and our future ahead of us. It’s disappointing how our world has come to this, a real problem. And not a problem as if you spilt water that you have to clean up; but a world problem, that we need to fix.

I hope by the time you have read this, the world is an amazing place.
Best of luck,

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