Michael Crouch's Letter

To the future,

If there is any kind of human civilisation surviving in the future, then I hope you have better leaders with more bravery, foresight and intelligence than the current crop of world leaders we were burdened with.
It may be difficult to believe but there are so many people around the Earth who work and campaign for a better, fairer,decent world in which wildlife and the environment can thrive. We have all the facts and the wherewithal to turn climate change around, all we lack are the true leaders and visionaries in power who can make these things happen.
Many of us look after our own patches, our gardens and backyards, for whatever difference that makes. My own garden is wild and woolly. My development of it has attracted hedgehogs, woodmice, squirrels and a variety of bird life, my new pond is coming along nicely and bringing in insects, dragonflies and more. Little by little it is beginning to thrive with new life. If our leaders ever manage to do something similar on a national and global scale, then maybe, just maybe, the future where you are isn’t so bad. I really hope so.

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